Deana Lewis, M.Arch B.E.D.S.


Deana has focused her life's work on The Place Like No Other:  Home.  

She creates a complete and coherent vision by overseeing all design decisions, architectural drawings, finishing selections, interior details and construction related matters for DOODL.  She holds a Master's degree in Architecture and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Dalhousie University.  Prior to launching DOODL, Deana spent several years working on premier inner city residences with one of the city's world renowned architecture firms.  At DOODL she continues to follow her lifelong passion for home design by working exclusively on residential projects.



Deana Lewis creates quality, individually tailored, beautifully detailed homes.  Our office delivers a complete vision and design services encompass expertise from the fundamental architectural strategy through to interior finishing details.

Being a small studio, we devote our time to limited customers allowing for personal detailing and service throughout the entire design and construction process.  With extensive design-build experience, we also assist with management during construction so every detail is seen through.

​​"The details are not the details, they make the design."  - Charles Eames

Design Office of Deana Lewis Inc.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Contemporary Residential Architecture and Interior Design in Calgary, Alberta